Love your library contest …

Love Your Library Contest

If you have been a frequent visitor to the Dundee Public Library and would like to enter a great competition, where the prizes are phenomenal. Then simply take the time to peruse the following information provided below.


Sirsi Dynix are the promoters behind this somewhat innovative competition, where patrons of libraries nationwide and across the globe will be given the chance to tell us what they like about their local library. Take note of the information below and then follow the instructions as given and give yourself the chance to win one of the fabulous prizes stated.

What Library Holds a Place in Your Heart?

What do you love about your library? How would you like to recognize your library for the memories and experiences it has provided you?

Libraries like yours serve thousands of patrons every day, creating memories and experiences through programs, services, and more. What stories has your library created?

The Love Your Library contest gives library users across the world a chance to nominate and honor the libraries they hold close to their hearts, showcasing memories and entering both patron and library in a chance to win!

This contest is open to everyone, so feel free to share this information with family, friends, coworkers, and—most importantly—patrons!

Every letter or video will highlight a patron’s unique perspectives, experiences, and relationships built through the library they love. More than one story may be submitted by a participant, giving library users a chance to win a prize for not only themselves, but also their favorite library.

To inform your patrons of this contest, print out this poster and display it in your library.

Grand prize $100 Visa gift card for the the winning participant and $2,000 in library software and services for his or her favorite library.

Runner-up prizes
$25 Visa gift card for 10 runner-ups and a $250 donation to the libraries they love.

What stories would you or your patrons like to share? Tell us your story and contribute to the oral history of library users across the world. You and your library might just win!

NB: If you are unsure as to any particular detail concerning the information provided , please do not hesitate to contact the Dundee Public Library and ask to speak to a staff member of Library Superintendent Julie Feagle, who will be happy to supply you with any additional and relevant information that might be required.

Julie Feagle, Library Superintendent
Dundee Public Library
PO Box 1000,(202 East Main Street)
Dundee , FL 33838
Tel : (863) 439-9424

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