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Dundee Library’s Conversion From To An E-Library (Express Library)

Dundee Library’s Conversion From To An E-Library (Express Library)

With the recent conversion of the Dundee Public Library from a conventional lending Library to an E-Library (Express Library) wherein the inventory carried by the facility will be books no more than five years old by popular authors of fiction and non-fiction covering the years from 2009 to 2014. However, if a patron seeks a book or books that do not fall within the parameter years stated and it is an item you have a wish to obtain as part of your reading material to be loaned from the Dundee Library, arrangements can be made to reserve that item, if it is available within the Polk County Library Cooperative System or from farther afield. You can make that request by asking a Library staff member to reserve the book or books in question and you will be duly notified, when the book is available for pickup. The same would apply to an E-book available to be downloaded via the PCLC Overdrive format, although notification , would come directly to your e-mail.


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On Tuesday, 27th January, 2015 the Dundee Public Library transitioned through to an E-Library and on hand for the official unveiling of this event were members of the Town Council, led by Mayor Sam Pennant , Town Manager Ryan Taylor , Assistant Town Manager Deena Ware , other civic and local dignitaries. The Library’s Staff members were on hand, along with volunteers from Friends Of The Library, charitable organization which assists in raising much-needed funds to aid in the funding of resources for the Library ,as well as the charity’s own programs, which includes a Summer Reading Program and other activities scheduled throughout year, conducted by Friends Of The Library in conjunction with the Library. Rukhsana Harper, President of the charity , along with volunteers Mary-Ann Podbolski and Alan Parkins were also in attendance for the event.

Ryan Taylor emceed this event, congratulating the Library Staff and the volunteers of Friends Of The Library for making the transition such an effortless ordeal. Granted, behind the scenes, with such planning, there tends to be one or two hiccups along the way, but in the end, this proved to be a success. Library Superintendent Julie Feagle, along with her immediate staff members, Eileen Young and Kahliyah Monroe were commended for their efforts by the Town Manager and those sentiments were shared by the Mayor, Sam Pennant, council members Bert Goddard, Willie Quarles , Steve Glenn and Jeanne Irwin.

In moving forward, the Dundee Public Library will offer the same courteous and professional service from a staff willing to assist the patrons meeting their needs and of the venue’s services, which include a fax-service, notary , laminating and photo-copying service and scanning (patrons must supply their own flash-drive for the scanning service) . Any questions you might have concerning any other activities or services provided, can be addressed to the staff on hand or calling the number detailed below for the Dundee Library.

If you would like to become a volunteer with either the Library or Friends Of The Library, offering your time for a few hours a week or as needed, then please take the opportunity let a staff member know of your availability, leaving your name and a contact number where you can be reached.



Picture gallery.

The staff and volunteers of the Library would like to take this opportunity to thank those in attendance for the facility’s new unveiling and hope to see you all, as well as regular patrons and visitors new to the area making use of the services available at the Dundee Library ! So just drop by, come on in and see what we have to offer . You might just like what you see and then continue to make repeated visits, because of the friendly atmosphere, a great meeting place to make new friends and getting to know the area.

(1) Guests , library staff members , volunteers and town council members are seen here at the official unveiling and conversion of the Dundee Public Library and its change in status from a convention to an E-Library (Express Library). . In the foreground is Council Member Steve Glenn (yellow shirt) . The event took place on Tuesday , 27th January, 2015. Light refreshments were served for the guests in attendance.

(2) The Library’s circulation desk , often scene of patrons seeking to loan a book from the staff , is now the scene of silence, as the guests and town dignitaries peruse the facility to view the recent changes made .

(3) A scope of the Library’s interior from the main entrance presents a better view of the facility . Pictured in the background are Rukhsana Harper , President of Friends Of The Library Dundee, right, Ms Glady Roberts second from the right , Head of the Polk County Library Cooperative , FOL & Library volunteer and in-house technical specialist Alan Parkins , whose back faces the camera .

(4) Marissa Hoskins , a frequent patron of the Dundee Library , is seen here in the foreground embracing FOL President Rukhsana Harper , as Town Manager Ryan Taylor greets the Town Council members , guests , Library Staff and volunteers, as he delivers his speech welcoming those in attendance at the Dundee Library’s official changeover from a conventional lending Library to an Express Library or E-Library as it is more commonly known . The changes made will better serve the community and patrons at large.

(5) Town Manager Ryan Taylor right delivers his speech to those in attendance . To Ryan’s immediate right , are Mayor Sam Pennant , council member Jeanne Irwin , Polk County Sheriff”s Official Sgt Rivas and to her immediate right , council member Steve Glenn .

(6) Mayor Sam Pennant (left), listens intently as Town Manager Ryan Taylor congratulates the Dundee Library Staff led by Library Superintendent Julie Feagle , assisted by Kahliyah Monroe and Eileen Young . Also assisting in the efforts , were Friends of the Library members Karen Weston , Mary Ann Podbolski , Rukhsana Harper and Alan Parkins . It was a smooth transition for this changeover, as those participating made this maneuver all the more effortless, with their joint cooperation in working together to facilitate the changes sought.

(7) Pictured are left , Elaine Goddard , wife of council member Bert Goddard , to her immediate left and Library Superintendent Julie Feagle .

(8) The children’s room of the Library , where all of the books covering the AR (accelerated reading) collection is housed, alongside our children’s fiction and non-fiction titles . The open area , also shows where the kids’ computers (seven) are sectioned within the library.

(9) Mayor Sam Pennant delivers his speech to the Town Council members , guests and staff of the library and volunteers. The mayor specifically signaled out the hard work of the Library’s Staff , headed by Julie Feagle , who is ably assisted by Kahliyah Monroe and Eileen Young. Mayor Pennant , also praised the efforts of the Friends of the Library volunteers for their collective and cooperative efforts in assisting with the facility’s smooth transition and change to an E-Library.

(10) Council member Bert Goddard delivers his speech, praising the Library staff and volunteers in taking the lead in making the changeover a success. Bert also happens to be the town’s liaison committee member for the Dundee Library. Elaine Goddard (right) , wife of the council member, is the Chairperson for the Dundee Library Committee and the Lakeland Chapter President for the HLA (Hearing Loss Association of America) .

(11) Council member Willie Qaurles is seen here in attendance for the Dundee Library’s recent changeover. Councilman Qaurles shared the same sentiments of this fellow council members and administrative staff in their praise of the Library’s staff and volunteers.

(12) Rukhsana Harper , Friends Of The Library President is seen here with Elaine Goddard , left, as her name is being mentioned and praised for her efforts in leading her members in assisting with the Dundee Library’s transition to an E-:Library. Attending members from the FOL were Alan Parkins and Mary-Ann Podbolski .

(13) The children’s seated area within the Dundee Library . The area will be utilized a great deal of the time when it is in use for many of the activities conducted Library volunteer Mary-Ann Podbolski , who also presides over the Summer Reading Program, an initiative sponsored by the Friends of the Library Dundee.

(14) Council member Jeanne Irwin is seen here inspecting one of the aisles within the Library , perusing the books on display.

(15) Dundee Town Manager Ryan Taylor is seen here with Friends of The Library President Rukhsana Harper .


NB: Fax, laminating, notary, photo-copying and scanning services are priced, for which details are available upon request and also stated in print ,within the Library. (Scanning service price will be based on volume, but the first twenty pages are free)

Julie Feagle, Library Superintendent
Dundee Public Library
202 East Main Street
Dundee , FL 33838
Tel (863) 439-9424

Rukhsana Harper, President Friends Of The Library Dundee Inc
PO Box 1467
Dundee, FL 33838
Tel (407) 247 8906


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  1. The staff and volunteers of the Dundee Public Library in conjunction with the members of Friends of The Library would like to take this opportunity to thank the guests present as well as the visiting dignitaries for attending this event . We look forward to being of service to the residents at large as well as to the visiting patrons and simply those making inquiries as to the services offered by the facility .

    Dundee Library Florida


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