A Taste Of Dundee

Taste Of Dundee Event at the Dundee Community Center

Recently, Friends Of Friends of The Library President Rukhsana Harper attended an event hosted by the Dundee Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Town of Dundee. This gathering was staged as a networking event to publicize the businesses within the town where local business owners, town and civic dignitaries could meet for an exchange of ideas and a way of gaining a more high profiled visibility for their businesses within the locale.

Town Manager Ryan Taylor and Assistant Town Manager Deena Ware were in attendance, with the Town Manager on hand to emcee the event. Mayor Sam Pennant was also in attendance, along with all of the Town’s Commissioners, Steve Glenn, Bert Goddard, Willie Quarles and Jeanne Irwin.


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On a night,when the theme was not only about networking, but a chance for town residents and business owners to convene and get to know each other, this event proved to be a great success, with Mayor Pennant stating the town’s most recent Council Meeting of his wish to see this event staged not just intermittently, but perhaps on a twice yearly basis, if not more frequently, for the benefit of the town and Chamber of Commerce.

Friends of the Library Dundee, as a fully paid up member of the Dundee Chamber of Commerce, was able to play its part in this gathering, wherein, FOL President Harper, was able make her presence known to many of the guests, business owners in attendance at this event and making them aware of our activities within the community, in conjunction with the Dundee Public Library.

To our benefit, FOL was able to make new list of new contacts and the likelihood of building a network of new group of influential donors for future programs, we will be coordinating and conducting within the community.


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Friends of The Library Dundee Inc
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Dundee Public Library
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E-mail: dundeelibraryflorida@gmail.com
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Dundee Chamber of Commerce
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Dundee , FL 33838
Tel # (439) 3261
E mail : info@dundeechamber.org
Facebook.com : https://www.facebook.com/DundeeAreaChamberOfCommerce


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