Our Summer Reading Program for 2017

The Dundee Public Library in conjunction with Friends of The Library Dundee (Florida) Inc are proud to announce their Summer Reading Program Schedule for 2017. Listed below are just a number of the events we have planned over the Summer for the children within our local community. Many of the events will be scheduled to take place at the Dundee Community Center (603 Lake Marie Drive) located here in the town of Dundee, unless otherwise stated. All events listed are subject to change, but please note, any changes made and you will be informed in a timely manner.    All  of  the events  will   begin  at  10:00  am    and  be roughly two  hours  in duration .

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Please note , parents or guardians wishing to have their children attend these events must have them preregistered at the Dundee Public Library for each of the scheduled shows (events). Preregistration can take the form of a phone call to the library or you can do so in person , giving all of the required information to any staff member present.

Reptile Discovery Show : June 14th
Patriotic Craft Day : June 21st
Ronald McDonald Show : June 28th
Park Ranger Andi Henry of the Kissimmee State Park : July 12th
Miz Daisy Show : July 19th
Community Heroes’ Day : July 26th

Dundee Public Library
202 East Main Street
Dundee , Florida
Telephone number : (863) 439-9424

Dundee Community Center
603 Lake Marie Drive
Dundee , FL 33838


The Dundee Community Center , Dundee, Florida .

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