New Emergency Service Facilities for the Town of Dundee, Florida …

Town of Dundee , Florida officially opened the Emergency Services’ operations for its very own Fire Department and a sub-station for the Polk County Sheriffs’ Department . The ribbon-cutting ceremony was officiated by Vice Mayor Bertram ‘Bert’ Goddard and Commissioner Steve Glenn . Overseeing the ceremony to open both venues was Town Manager Ryan Taylor . Also in attendance , were visiting dignitaries from the town of Lake Alfred as well Auburndale. Lake Hamilton Mayor Marlene Wagner , along with a number of administrative staff along officer from the town’s Police Department were in attendance.

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With a growing economic base and demographics within the Town of Dundee , the municipality is now witnessing the rise of its profile and the opening of the Sheriff’s substation which will be presided over by Sergeant Doug Tanner of the PCSO (Polk County Sheriffs’ Office and the Fire Department by Chief Joe Carbone . These two facilities will provide the town with a rapid response team for a wide variety of emergency services as well as dealing with local issues of crime within the area. It will also create an atmosphere that the town is finally on the map and can measure up to some of its larger counterparts within Polk County.


The Dundee Fire Chief Joe Carbone (left)  is seen here speaking with a journalist from The Ledger .

Scenes from yesterday’s official grand opening can be seen in the pictures inset(below).

By clicking on an individual image you can view that frame as a stand alone picture.

Town of  Dundee
PO Box 1000
Dundee  FL ,33838
Telephone :  (863)  438-8330
Website :


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