Christmas Party (2016) held at the Dundee Public Library ….

This past Saturday the Dundee Public Library , its staff in conjunction with the board members of Friends of The Library Dundee Inc held their annual Christmas Party at the Dundee Library. The gathering marked the sixth consecutive year we were able to get together , for what has now become more than an annual event. Nostalgia being what it is , we were able to reminisce about the events of 2016 , have a great deal of fun, exchanged  gifts and plan ahead for 2017.

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Dundee Library Superintendent Julie Feagle, along with her full-time staff of Eileen Young (unavailable due to a medical appointment) , Kaliyah Monroe, volunteer Steven  Kwasnik, alongside , Amanda Falin , Lois Ramirez, Cathy Lombard and Nicole Santana were in attendance. Representing Friends of The Library were Rukhsana Harper, President of FOL (Friends of The Library Dundee) , VP Mary Ann Podbielski and Alan Parkins. Invited guests also in attendance were Dundee Vice Mayor Bertram ‘Bert Goddard ‘ and his daughter Venessa Goddard as well as the parents of Kaliyah Monroe and Nicole Santana.

At this time of the year , Christmas represents so many things for a number of individuals in a number of different ways. The staff and volunteers of the Dundee Public Library as well the members of Friends of The Library Dundee Inc would like to take this opportunity wish you all a Merry Christmas . In particular also , we would like to thank our many sponsors and supporters of the events organized throughout the year who were gracious with their kind donations and time !


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We look forward to being with you all in 2017 , hoping to make the year even more of a success , with a schedule of events planned for the upcoming year.

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