The Gift of Giving …

It’s a festive time of the year, as we enter the Christmas period . The staff of the Dundee Public Library in conjunction with Friends of The Library Dundee Inc offers the children within the community the chance of having enjoyable Christmas. Over the period of three days , this past week , the library was the venue for a gathering of the children from the Dundee Elementary School as well as from the daycare facilities   within  out   local  community   , among them  Stay & Play.

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There the children in the accompaniment of their teachers of guardians were present for a story-time with there also being a visit from Santa and Mrs Claus. Those children in attendance were provided with a gift-pack from Santa.

The diligent efforts of Library Director Julie Feagle, her staff and those from Friends of The Library, headed by its President Rukhsana Harper , alongside fellow board members Mary Ann Podbielski and Alan Parkins should not go unnoticed , as this event has now become an annual institution on the calendars of both parties.

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It should also be noted Friends of The Library through its outreach program also conducted a visit to Migrant School located in the town of Dundee. This visit was a tremendous success as the children welcomed Santa & Mrs Claus with smiles and a great deal of joy. Needless to say, having been showered with their presents , it made the morning for them ,all the more memorable.

The  joint  efforts    of  the   Dundee Public  Library  and  Friends  of  The  Library  with  regard  to  their    collective    outreach  program  with  the  Migrant   Head    Start   School       continues  to  be  a  tremendous  success    .


A special  word of  thanks  to  the    residents     of    Dell  Lake  Village  and  the  assistance  provided   in   our  fundraising  efforts  and  other   activities   this  season   !     Thank    you  



Dundee Public Library

202 East Main Street

Dundee, FL 33838

Friends of The Library Dundee Inc

PO Box 1467

Dundee , FL 33838-1467


One thought on “The Gift of Giving …”

  1. A special word of thanks to Kathleen Frazee and Eric Bond for their sterling efforts during the events which took place at the Dundee Library and with Migrant Head Start & School (Program) !

    For our wonderful story-time provider Mary Ann Podbielski words cannot describe your year round efforts and outstanding contributions within the community . We simply thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do !


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