Post-event the Ronald McDonald Show ….


Our Summer Reading Program is now coming to a close, with the staff and volunteers of the Dundee Public Library being thoroughly excited about the success of the events staged. Having worked in conjunction with Friends of The Library Dundee Inc, where the charity’s President Rukhsana Harper was instrumental in making this all happen , we would like to take his opportunity to thank the guardians , parents , care-givers and the children who attended each of our events held at the Dundee Community Center in Dundee, Florida .

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Wednesday, 27th July, the Dundee Public Library held their final event of the Summer , with the guest entertainer being none other than Ronald McDonald. Providing a great deal of fun and laughter, Ronald entertained the children with a wide variety of comedy, magic tricks and music. There were even moments of audience participation with a number of the children being asked to Ronald McDonald as he performed several magic tricks. Library Superintendent Julie Feagle was on hand to oversee the morning’s event , where she was helped by volunteers Mary-Ann Podbielski and Alan Parkins. The continued aim of the Summer Reading Program has been to provide a safe haven for the children to have some fun , make new friends , while also being able to make use of the library’s facilities and getting to know our staff.

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Dundee Public Library
202 East Main Street
Dundee, FL 33838
Telephone number : (863) 439-9424 :

Friends of The Library Dundee Inc
P O Box 1467
Dundee, FL 33838-1467 :

Dundee Community Center
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Dundee, FL 33838




Dundee Public¬† Library¬† Superintendent¬† Julie Feagle,center ,¬† is seen¬† here¬† with¬† her three¬† grandchildren.¬† They are¬†¬† Morgan, to¬† Julie’s¬† immediate right,¬†¬† Destini (held)¬† and¬†¬† Dakota¬† (grandson) .

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