Andi Henry , Park Ranger presentation ….

On Wednesday , 20th July and another successful event hosted jointly by the Dundee Public Library and Friends of The Library Dundee Inc proved to be a tremendous success. The morning’s event had a special guest , Andi Henry , a Park Ranger with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. This state agency oversees the environmental protection and safety for all of the Florida state-owned parks.

Andi was accompanied by fellow employee, Patrick  Sullivan , a firefighter with the Ranger Service and DEP (Department of Environmental Protection), gave a presentation, which encapsulated the work done by the Park Rangers and how they go about their day-to-day duties of protecting state wildlife within the state’s parks as well as detection of wildfires , which remain the greatest danger to the environment within those state recreation areas.

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As part of the morning’s presentation the children along with their chaperon’s (parents , guardians, care-givers) were also given the chance to see the equipment used by the Park Rangers during their working day. A smaller utility firetruck was also part of the exhibit , during which Andi and Patrick gave a brief explanation as how the vehicle is used to fight some of the smaller wildfires they tend to deal with during the course of their duties.

The morning event went off smoothly and the children wildly enthusiastic about the presentation were given information on how to become a Junior Ranger . Programs such as this creates interest for the kids in our environment and how best to have a respect for nature and the various species of nature which make out state parks as part of their natural habitat.

Our next scheduled event as part of our Summer Reading Program will take place next Wednesday, 27th July and will feature a show by Ronald McDonald , which will be held at the Dundee Community Center, 603 Lake Marie Boulevard, Dundee , FL 33838, from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm. Once again this is a preregistered event and we ask that guardians and parents register their children before-hand. Registration should take place by no later than Monday 25th July , 5:00 pm. This can be done by phone or in person at the Dundee Public Library . and

Dundee Public Library
202 East Main Street
Dundee,. FL 33838
Telephone number: (863) 439-9424

Florida Department of Environmental Services
Website :

Florida Junior Ranger Program
Website :

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