Big Idea Balloons post-event …

On Wednesday morning the Dundee Public Library and Friends of The Library Dundee Inc hosted another Summer Reading Program event at the Dundee Community Center, Dundee, Florida. As hosts of the event , we had Keith Harvey of Big Idea Balloons entertaining the children with an array of magic tricks , while parents , guardians, children and even library staff members participated in assisting Keith with his performance. A fun morning was indeed on the agenda, with a little comedy thrown in for good measure by the magician.

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With each of the events planned by the Dundee Library and Friends of The Library, our intent is provide an environment for the children to have a great deal of fun at each function. As the Summer comes to a close , we hope all of the attendees, along with their guardians and parents have enjoyed the experience we have provided. The library’s staff and volunteers’ endeavor has been to make each of the scheduled events a singular yet enjoyable experience for everyone. We hope through the remainder of the Summer, all of the attendees for our upcoming events are able to have a great deal of fun, while making some new and long-lasting friendships.

Dundee Public Library
202 East Main Street
Dundee, FL 33838
Telephone number : (863) 439-9424

Friends of The Library Dundee Inc
PO Box 1467
Dundee, FL 33838

Dundee Community Center
603 Lake Marie Boulevard
Dundee , FL 33838

Big Idea  Balloons

Website :




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