Our Community Heroes’ Day Scenes …

Our  Community   Heroes’   Day    Scenes  ….


Another event was successfully managed by the Dundee Public Library in conjunction with Friends of the Library Dundee Inc (Florida) and their promotion of Community Heroes’ Day. Held at the Dundee Community Center , this scheduled event was part of the library’s Summer Reading Program and brought out many of the children within our local community along with their guardians or parents. Also in attendance were children from the Polk County Parks and Recreation Department’s own Summer Program, Cam Rock.

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Organized to promote the great work done by our first responders , we had invited guests, members from the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, Florida Forestry Division , a local school crossing guard , Eric Bond. Also on hand were Smokey The Bear and McGruff The Crime Dog, as the kids got to meet and greet these individuals. The officers from each of these services gave a brief speech as to what their jobs entailed and how they interact with the public as part of their day-to-day duties.

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This Wednesday morning event proved to be an enjoyable experience for all of the children in attendance and the volunteers from the Dundee Library who assisted Library Superintendent Julie Feagle in making this all possible are to be commended. So special words of appreciation go out to Mary Ann Podbielski, Shyann Jenkins and Alan Parkins for their service provided on the day !

Dundee Public Library

202 East Main Street

Dundee, FL 33838

Telephone number   (863) 439-9424

Friends of The Library Dundee Inc

P O Box 1467

Dundee , FL 33838-1467

Dundee Community Center 

603 Lake Marie Boulevard

Dundee , FL 33838  Big 



Join us next Wednesday 13th July,for the Big Idea Balloons Magic Show at the Dundee  Community Center, Dundee, Florida.



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