Summer Reading Program ; Petting Zoo …


Another event organized by the Dundee Public Library in conjunction with the Friends of The Library Dundee Inc took place on Wednesday 22nd June at the Dundee Community Center Dundee , Florida . On hand were Library Director Julie Feagle , who was ably assisted by volunteers Anjali Harper , Mary-Ann Podbielski and Alan Parkins. With almost one hundred children in attendance along with their parents , guardians , caregiver or in a number of cases many of the children were part of kindergarten groupings within the local community.

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Pretty Pony Parties, a family owned business was on hand to entertain the children with an array of animals as part of a Petting Zoo. It was a setting in which the children would be able to see first hand how delightful nature just happens to be as they were given the chance be around horses , a pony, a pig , goat and a rabbit . Being entertained in this instance created a great deal of enjoyment for not only the children in attendance , but also for the adults who accompanied their family members or those in their custody. Smiles and laughs all around were seen on the youngest faces as well as the parents.

The kids were also provided with the chance to have some with arts and craft. Resident storyteller Mary-Ann oversaw this activity and the children having grown fond of her , knowing her by name , have always been keen to interact one of the library’s most beloved volunteers.




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The Dundee Public Library and Friends of The Library Dundee Inc would like to take this opportunity to thank the proprietors Pretty Pone Parties for making this such an enjoyable experience for those attended Wednesday’s event !

Dundee Public Library Florida

202 East Main Street

Dundee, FL 33838

Telephone number : (863) 439-9424

Pretty Pony Parties

5715 Russo Road

Bartow, FL 33830

Telephone number : (863) 512-8166

E mail :

Website :

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