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Julie Feagle , Library Superintendent for the   Dundee Public Library gave a presentation to the     Town of Dundee’s Commissioners   at the bi-weekly Town Hall Meeting held at the Dundee Municipal Complex, on Tuesday, 10 th May, 2016, detailing her job criteria and that of the services made available to the public and the town’s residents.

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As part of her presentation Julie made the commissioners aware of the inner workings of the facility as well as informing them of the services available to the public and the assistance provided by Library Staff employees , Eileen Young and Kaliyah Monroe as well the volunteers of the Dundee Public Library. Many of these volunteers in question , volunteer their time through   Friends of The Library Dundee Inc   or they are high school students gaining some work experience through volunteer hours, while obtaining valuable experience and extra curricular credit for their community activities and volunteerism.

In her presentation Julie was able to emphasize the work done by the Dundee Public Library and the volume of the patronage in terms visitors to the facility each month, which is quite considerable given the town’s demographics and is locale within Central Polk County. The Dundee Public Library is one of seventeen libraries within Polk County and is part of the Polk County Library Cooperative , which is headquartered in Bartow, Florida.



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Mayor  Sam Pennant , his fellow Town Commissioners  well as Town Manager   Ryan Taylor    and  Town Clerk    Deena Ware  as well as members of the public and the town’s residents were all present at the presentation made by Julie Feagle senior staff members , all of which was warmly received by those in attendance.

Town of Dundee
PO Box 1000
202 East Main Street
Dundee ,FL , 33838-1000
Telephone number (863) 438-8330
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Dundee Public Library
202 East Main Street
Dundee , FL 33838
Telephone number : (863) 439-9424 : :
Website :


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