Our Annual Book Sale

The FOL Annual Book Sale (2016)

Saturday morning , 12th March, 2016 and Friends of The Library Dundee’s Annual Book Sale got underway at the Dundee Community Center . The event was hosted by the charity (Friends of The Library Dundee Inc / FOL) and the funds raised will go towards many of the activities and outreach programs initiated by FOL , staged at the Dundee Public Library , the community center and within the local community. On hand were board members from the charity , represented by its President Rukhsana Harper , Mary-Ann Podbielski, Karen Weston and Alan Parkins . Also present were Library Superintendent Julie Feagle , volunteers , Jack Elliot and Steven Kwasnicki.

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A healthy gathering of attendees came along to make their purchases and show their support of our efforts. Images can be seen on the respective Facebook pages and websites of the Dundee Public Library and Friends of The Library Dundee Inc.

As Friends of The Library’s activities have become more widespread, so too has its profile , with it being raised , notable mentions within the local media , from civic leaders on the Dundee Town Commission , as well as the Dundee Chamber of Commerce and local businesses within the community. The continued endeavors of Friends of The Library and recognition received from our many supporters and sponsors, has been the main reason and driving force behind our work within the local area and community at large. We are appreciative of our many supporters , patrons and sponsors who continue to support us fervently .

Throughout the coming year , FOL will be hosting and staging several events, which will benefit the kids’ programs staged at the Dundee Public Library .

For more information concerning our activities , please visit our Facebook page or website and check our calendar of upcoming events. Or you can simply call or visit the Dundee Public Library and speak with a staff member. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Friends of The Library and able to assist in volunteering your time with us, then simply call the library and provide the staff with your contact details. In due course you will receive a response from FOL as to the possibility of your becoming a volunteer.

Friends of The Library Dundee and the Dundee Public Library would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the donors , patrons and visitors for their continued support of our efforts . Without your donations , purchases and assistance , the staging of many of our events would not be possible at all.

Our next scheduled event is just around the corner , so be on the lookout for details on our calendar , next posting on the Facebook pages and websites of the Dundee Public Library & Friends of The Library Dundee.

Friends of The Library Dundee Florida Inc
PO Box 1467
Dundee FL 33838-1467
Telephone : (407) 247-8906
Facebook : http://facebook.com/FriendsofTheLibraryFl
Website : http://friendsofthelibrarydundeewordpress.com/about

Dundee Public Library
202 East Main Street
Dundee, FL 33838-1000
Telephone : (863) 439-424
Facebook : http://facebook.comDundeePublicLibraryFl
Website : https://dundeelibraryflorida.wordpress.com

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