It’s Your Library And It’s Here For You ….

It’s Your Library And It’s Here For You ….

The Dundee Public Library remains an integral part of the town of Dundee’s community , with an amenable staff always on hand to help the long-standing patrons and visitors to the facility. This library offers a wide range of DVD’s , audio CD’s as well as its inventory of fiction and non-fiction books. It should be noted also as a member of the Polk County Library Cooperative the Dundee Public Library also offers the availability of loaning books through the PCLC system. Also offered at the Dundee are services such as facsimile services , photo-copying, laminating and a notary on staff.

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Julie Feagle Library Superintendent for the Dundee Public Library, has a staff of two part-time employees assisting her to facilitate a smooth running operation for the library. Eileen Young and Kaliyah Monroe are the two individuals who assist Julie in the day to day running of the facility.

Dundee Library Superintendent Julie Feagle seen here in her office .
Dundee Library Superintendent Julie Feagle seen here in her office .


Currently the Dundee Public Library works in close conjunction with Friends of The Library Dundee Inc to offer a wide array of social programs within the community , among them are the children’s story-time presided over by Mary-Ann Podbielski , whereby children of kindergarten age get the chance to spend some time at the library for an hour with Mary-Ann providing them with arts and crafts and a story-time reading session. FOL also operates an outreach program within the community , raising the profile both the Dundee Public Library as well as Friends of The Library Dundee Inc (FOL) .

Another popular initiative recently started by the library are the Wednesday and Thursday afternoon game sessions, where many of the children are provided with the chance to play the card games associated with the Japanese Anime’ genre , those games being Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.. This is done in conjunction with Carl’s Gamestation located here in the town of Dundee, with a staff member from Carl’s in attendance providing the children with the tutelage and nuances of the games. These sessions are usually ninety minutes duration , starting at 3:30 pm each Wednesday and Thursday afternoon , unless otherwise notified.

Throughout the year , FOL also organizes several events within the community with either the Dundee Library or the Dundee Community Center as the venue for these events. For more information upcoming events organized by Friends of The Library , please visit the Facebook pages or website of Dundee Public Library and FOL .

NB: Fees for the services provided by the Library are available upon request as well as being posted visibly at the facility.

Dundee Public Library
202 East Main Street
Dundee, FL 33838-1000
Telephone number : (863) 439-9424 :
Website :

Friends of The Library Dundee Inc
PO Box 1467
Dundee, 33838-1467
Telephone number: (407) 247-8906 :
Website :

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