Annual Spaghetti Fundraiser post event notes ….

Annual Spaghetti Fundraiser post event notes

Friends of The Library and Dundee Public Library held their Annual Spaghetti Fundraiser at the Dundee Community Center on Thursday , 5th November , 2015. This was the fourth year in succession in which we have hosted this event and each year since its inception in 2012, we have seen a growth in the popularity and participation of Library’s patrons , residents and commercial businesses, coming out to show their support of this fundraiser. This year we have exceeded our expectations with an unbelievable outpouring of generosity from benefactors , who showed their support with the purchase of over one hundred and fifty meals on the day, inclusive of walk-in purchases made at the community center.

Rukhsana Harper , Friends of The Library President , was on-hand to preside over this event aided by fellow board members Karen Weston , Mary-Ann Podbielski and Alan Parkins. Present also, were Dundee Library Superintendent Julie Feagle , along with volunteers , Commissioner Bertram ‘Bert’ Goddard , Bobbie Westall, Jennifer Carlson and Frank Shiel. All of these willing volunteers made sure the day’s event went off without a hitch.

A special word of appreciation and thanks must go to Dundee Town Manager Ryan Taylor , without whose cooperation this event would not have been possible and to the Town of Dundee for providing their assistance with the use of two vehicles for our deliveries of the Spaghetti Fundraiser meals !

Though a final tally of the monetary value of the sales are not yet known, having surpassed the preceding year’s numbers, this particular Spaghetti Fundraiser was by far our most successful yet and offers us the opportunity to strive for even bigger turnout next year.

Friends of the Library Dundee and the Dundee Public Library would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the businesses and patrons for their generous and gracious support of this endeavor ! We hope your continued support of our activities within the community will remain, as we seek to make more of an impact and positive influence within the locale.

Next year, Friends of the Library and the Dundee Public Library hope to surpass this year’s Spaghetti Fundraiser success , while also striving to raise our profile on all fronts. Once again , thank you all for the kindness and generosity shown !

Rukhsana Harper , President
Friends of The Library Dundee Inc
PO Box 1467
Dundee, FL 33838
Telephone number : (407) 247-8906

Julie Feagle, Library Superintendent
Dundee Public Library
202 East Main Street
Dundee , FL 33838
Telephone number : (863) 439-9424


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