Get Help Florida … New Resource being provided by Florida Division of Library & Information Services

In an ongoing effort to provide the Dundee Public Library’s patrons with the latest resources to be found within the community, below is a link to a new resource being provided by the state of Florida’s Division of Library and Information Services in conjunction with the Pasco County Library Cooperative.

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In order to view the information available, simply click unto the link seen below. There you will find a vast array of information covering a wide variety topics, covering Business & Employment, Children & Family , Consumer Protection , Education , Emergency-disaster-and-safety> Emergency Disaster & Safety , Food & Shelter by City , Grants , Healthcare & Disability , Legal Assistance , Senior Citizens, Utilities & Phones , Veterans Affairs and a great deal more , all at your finger tips.

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Please note if the availability of a home computer is not at your disposal to obtain this information, then by all means do call in at the library where you will be assisted by a member of staff in researching the information you desire. The staff of the Dundee Public Library will be happy to assist you in your endeavors at all times. So please do not be afraid to ask for any assistance when necessary.

Simply visit the following site Get Help

About Get Help Florida :

Pasco County Library Cooperative :

Dundee Public Library
202 East Main Street
Dundee, FL 33838-1000
Telephone number : (863) 439-9424


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