School Supply Drive & Turnout …

School Supply Drive & Turnout …

Once again, Joel’s Place Community Church put on a fun-filled event at the Dundee Community Center on Sunday evening , 16th August, 2015. Pastor Butch Erwen as well as members of his congregation organized this event, whereby the children and parents within our community could avail themselves of a vast array of school supplies and other needed resources.

With over two hundred and fifty attendees at he evening’s festivities, the spectacle turned out to be a resounding success. Donations were made not only the church , but also to the Dundee Public Library ,where Library Superintendent Julie Feagle and her staff made it an emphasis to make the patrons aware of this event as well seeking their kind donations. All of which was greatly appreciated and welcomed by the library as well Pastor Erwen and his church.

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With the outreach now being done by both the Dundee Public Library and Joel’s Place Church within the town of Dundee as well as the community at large. The town of Dundee can be proud and appreciative of the fact that within our locale, community spirit can be found and where the town’s residents, know involvement and a sense caring and sharing does prevail after-all.

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We would like to thank all who made donations to such a noteworthy cause as well to those took time out of their schedule to attend this event on Sunday, making it such a success and enjoyable night out for the children and their parents.

Dundee Public Library
202 East Main Street
Dundee, FL 33838-1000
Telephone number : (863) 439-9424 :

Joel’s Place Community Church (Dundee)

Pastor Butch Erwen :
Website :


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