Miz Daisy’s return to the Town of Dundee

Miz Daisy’s return to the Town of Dundee

As one door closes for the day , another is bound to open up and so it was, as a door to merriment, that followed. Picture here are Dundee Public Library Superintendent Julie Feagle , without the clown suit of-course, seen alongside Miz Daisy (Daisy Melnitzke) .

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Miz Daisy’s return visit to the Town of Dundee, was to coincide with her receiving a proclamation, recognizing International Clown Week, beginning 1st August, 2015. This ceremony took place at the meeting of the Town of Dundee Commissioners’ meeting at the Dundee Town Hall on Tuesday, July 28th, 2015. She was presented with a certification of recognition of International Clown Week by Mayor Sam Pennant , who would then take it upon himself to be photographed alongside the recipient. The Mayor was not the only commissioner to take part on this photo opportunity as he was joined also by his fellow commissioners for the chance to have their picture taken with the evening’s recipient , Miz Daisy.

Picture gallery . By clicking on an individual frame you can view that picture in a reformatted size along with accompanying narrative.

Dundee Public Library Fl

Facebook.com Miz Daisy’s Entertainment

Town of Dundee Website Town of Dundee & Town Commissioners


Prior to the start of Tuesday’s Town Commission meeting , Miz Daisy is seen here speaking with Assistant Town Manager Deena Ware at the Town’s Municipal Complex where the Town Hall is located .

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