State Funding for Florida’s Public Libraries and Proposed Funding Cuts

State Funding for Florida’s Public Libraries and Proposed Funding Cuts

Financial expediency has always been something our federal and state legislatures have a problem with , but more often than not , when they deem it fit to have a sacrificial lamb. The cuts that are thought to be ones needed, tend to be done at the expense of the programs needed within our communities . Again, this appears to be the case as the Florida House and Senate seek to wreak havoc with their proposed budget cuts. Both legislative chambers will seek to cut approximately $4.5 million from the proposed $27.5 million of funding allocated to the state’s libraries for the year. If you wish to oppose these cuts and seek to have your voice heard , then please refer to the information provided below and then get in contact with your local state representative within the House and Senate making them aware you oppose any cuts to the funding within the Library Systems in the state of Florida .

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Library Advocacy Action Needed! State Aid to Public Libraries could be cut $4-5 Million!

Where things stand now

As the Florida Legislature’s Budget Conference ends, State Aid to Public Libraries could be cut by $4 or $5 million from the $27,409,823 received this year.

It’s now up to the Senate and House Budget Chairs, Senator Tom Lee and Representative Richard Corcoran, to prevent this harmful cut. If they can’t resolve the issue, it will then “bump” up to the Senate President and House Speaker; this is unlikely.

What you need to do

Convince Sen. Tom Lee and Rep. Richard Corcoran to fund State Aid. Here’s why:

•Proposed funding of $22,298,834 is a cut of $5 million and barely more than was provided at the depths of the recession. In contrast, State Aid was funded at $31,999,233 in 2007-08.
•This cut would hurt libraries and limit their ability to provide Floridians with needed services including help for job seekers, children’s programming, and technology training.

Please contact Senator Tom Lee and Representative Corcoran by phone or email.

Representative Richard Corcoran

(850) 717-5037

Senator Tom Lee

(850) 487-5024

◦Thank them for their support.
◦ Tell them how a cut of $4-$5 million will do harm.
◦Ask them to continue funding State Aid at this year’s $27,409,823.

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Also, please contact your legislators and members of the Legislature’s leadership. Request that they ask Senator Lee and Representative Corcoran to restore State Aid to Libraries funding. You can contact all of these directly using this link:

Send a Message

Dundee Public Library
202 East Main Street
Dundee, FL 33838
Telephone number (863) 439-9424 :

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