Florida Public Libraries face major cuts in their funding

Florida Public Libraries face major cuts in their funding

Guests and regular patrons of the Dundee Public Library , as you may well be aware with this being a year when states across the country are seeking rein in their fiscal deficits, cuts are usually made in vital areas of the economy and the respective budgets of states , counties and their municipalities. Florida tends to be no different in such an instance. In a recent move within the state legislature, they held a special session to discuss the needs of the state and where the legislators felt cuts may well have to be made. One such area, was Public Library Funding statewide and with that, it would mean drastic and some areas draconian cuts being put into place.

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Florida Legislature in session, in Tallahassee, Florida,.

If you would like to know more about this all, then let your voice be heard in opposing such a measure. Please see the attached link (seen below *), read diligently , then get in contact with your state representative and let them know you oppose the idea of cuts to Public Library Funding.

The Special Session began on Monday to take up three issues: The Budget, Health Care and Tax Relief.  FLA is watching the budget process closely and working hard to protect library funding. The Budget conference process is expected to begin Friday afternoon – and maybe as early as Thursday.

House and Senate leadership has not yet named the budget conferees and they have not given the appropriations subcommittees their allocations, the amounts they have to fund the program areas for which they’re responsible.

Here is the status of library funding in the appropriations bills the House and Senate approved during the regular session.

State Aid to Public Libraries – Both Houses approved $22,298,834, a reduction of $5,110,989 from the current year’s $27,409,823.

Library Cooperative Grants – The Senate provided $2 million, the amount required to fund each of the 5 Multitype Library Cooperatives at the full $400,000 authorized by statute and the House provided a lower amount of $1.7 million.

Public Library Construction – The House provided $2 million, the amount necessary to fund all 4 projects on the Department of State’s list and the Senate provided $3 million, funding all of the list projects and $1 million for the Eastlake Community Library.

Here’s what you can do now. *  Take Action (Click on this link )

Call or email your legislator with this message:

Thank you for supporting Florida libraries!  Please fund State Aid to Public Libraries at the current year’s $27,409,823, not the $22,298,834 in the Senate and House budgets. This amounts to a 19% reduction. Fund the Library Cooperative Grant Program at $2 million, the amount in the Senate budget and fund Public Library Construction at the Senate’s $3 million.

Urge them to support these positions and ask them to ask the Transportation and Economic Development Committee Conferees to do the same.  And please share this message with libraries advocates throughout Florida.
Please remember to keep your messages and communications positive – it makes a difference!

Thank you for your advocacy for Florida libraries!

-The FLA Legislative Committee

Florida Library Association
Website : http://flalib.org

Dundee Public Library
202 East Main Street
Dundee, FL 33838
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