Carl’s Game Station A Fun Place To Visit

Carl’s Game Station A Fun Place To Visit

Did you know that there was a fun safe place for your family to play Trading Card games, D&D, and even board games? All play is free excluding sanctioned tournaments, which are very affordable for the seasoned player. Paid tournaments have prize support.


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For game players ages twelve and up, if you have an interest in trading cards such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon ,Magic the Gathering, Cardfight Vanguard or other games associated with the genre. Then visit Carl’s Game Station located in Dundee , Florida, 33838 at 907 Dundee Road. Behind the 7-11 .

At this location players can buy, trade and sell cards from any of the games. They are a Sanctioned Tournament center with a full line of new & used inventory. There are regularly scheduled tournaments every week with awesome prizes.

They have an experienced staff on hand to assist in any way possible including training classes where you get free starter decks to start you on your way. Already a player, then there is always a game for you as many visitors and staff play all the games and are ready to go whenever you want to play.



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Listed below are details of scheduled upcoming events and times . Any information needed can be obtained by calling the automated tournament info line or simply calling in and speaking with a staff member at Carl’s Game Station.

Event :
Magic The Gathering – FNM – Every Friday @ 7:00 pm Call for format
YuGiOh – Saturday @ 2:00 Trading starts at 12:00 pm
Pokemon – Sunday VGC @ 2:00 pm Call for format
D&D – Tuesday – limited seating by invitation– Thursday – Open seating –
Sunday – Open seating – Call for details
Board Game Day – Wednesday from open to close

Carl’s Game Station
907 Dundee Road
Dundee , FL 33838
Telephone number : (863) 547-6969 :


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