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Friends Of The Library Dundee Inc and our Outreach Program

Friends Of The Library Dundee Inc and our Outreach Program

As part of our outreach program, FOL (Friends Of The Library ) members Mary-Ann Podbolski and Rukhsana Harper , made a visit to a local daycare center in the town of Dundee, Florida. This was part of the Dundee Library Kids’ Story-time, which takes place on Wednesdays and Fridays, as part of the Library’s initiative in creating an hour of fun-filled activities for the children throughout much of the year. As part of the ongoing activities that FOL will be conducting , during the month of June, we will be arranging for a number of special group activity sessions to be held at the Dundee Community Center located at 105 Lake Marie Drive Dundee, Florida and at the Dundee Library , situated inside the Town Hall Municipal Complex. Scheduled times to be arranged and will be posted in due course on the Facebook pages of the Dundee Public Library, Friends Of The Library as well as the webpages for both Dundee Library and FOL. Or for further information, you may call the Library at the following number, (863) 439-9424 where a staff member will be happy to assist with your inquiry.


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Pictured, Friends Of The Library Dundee board member, Library volunteer, Mary Ann Podbolski (pictured) and several of the children she visited at a local Day Care Center to conduct her twice weekly Kids’ Story-time. The children proved to be receptive to the occasion, warming to their visitors and Mary Ann was proud to be a guest at the venue.



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If you are interested to see what else Friends of the Library Dundee currently is involved with as part of contributing to not only the resources of the Dundee Library but also within the community . Please visit our Facebook page for updates of events, postings and other information. Or you can visit our webpage, or imply send us an e-mail and we will gladly respond with any information sought. Friends Of The Library Dundee also seeks volunteers to assist us with many of our initiatives and programs. If at all interested then by all means leave us your details and we will gladly respond to your request in a timely manner.


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Friends Of The Library Dundee Inc,.

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