Dundee Public Library E-Library Inauguration

Dundee Public Library E-Library Inauguration

The staff of the Dundee Public Library in conjunction with Friends of the Libary Dundee Inc would like to take this opportunity in thanking the members of the public and the guests who attended Tuesday night’s (27th January) dedication of the reopening of the Library’s , its conversion to an E-Library and making the event a resounding success. Also on hand were dignitaries from the Town of Dundee’s Commission , with Town Manager Ryan Taylor giving the inauguration speech upon the formal opening of the facility , who alongside Mayor Sam Pennant thanked the staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication in making the opening such an undoubted success.


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Library Superintendent Julie Feagle and her staff received a congratulatory salute for their efforts who along with Friends of the Library President Rukhsana Harper were applauded and appreciative of the welcomed acknowledgement of their hard work and efforts in making this all take shape.



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The Dundee Public Library will now begin a new chapter in its existence, offering the dedicated and professional service, it has been known for and will continue to assist and provide the public with the care , attention to detail and professionalism it has always been associated with. It is in this context, which the Library’s Staff can best serve its patrons and town residents, while proceeding the make the facility more than just a lending library, but also a community meeting place , where specifically the youngest patrons can be offered a place of convenience, during the hours of operation, from Monday to Friday, as well as on Saturday mornings.

Julie Feagle, her Library Staff of Kahliyah Monroe and Eileen Young will be on hand to assist patrons and guests in meeting their needs. Also note, any suggestions that the guests and patrons might have, are more than welcome, in order to facilitate improving the Library’s striving for even greater efficiency and an even more enjoyable experience for the visitors to this facility. For details of the Dundee Public Library’s resources and hours of operation, simply contact a staff member on the following number (863) 439-9424 or view the Library’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dundee-Library-Florida/1446399932239169

The Library also has an in-house tech specialist able to assist with any of your technical needs concerning your PDA’s (personal digital devices), laptops , tablets and smart phones . Ask the Library’s staff and they will gladly put you in touch with this specialist who is always in attendance during their hours of operation.


(1) Inside the Kids’ room at the Dundee Library

(2) Northern wall of the Kids’ room of the Dundee Library .

(3) Kaliyah and Eileen at the circulation desk tending to patrons during the day .

(4) Mary Ann Podbolski , a Library Volunteer and Friends of the Library remember , who also oversees the Kids’ Story-time which takes place Mondays and Wednesday at the Dundee Library from 10.00 AM until 11.00 AM. This activity is open to all of the town’s youngest residents of kindergarten age .

(5) Western Wall of the Dundee Library where the Kids’ Story-time will be held along with other activities for the youngest patrons of the facility..



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