Our grand reopening and conversion to an E-Library

Our grand reopening and conversion to an E-Library

The Dundee Library Florida, part of the Polk County Library Cooperative will be having a dedicated reopening on Tuesday , 27th January, 2015 at 6.00 PM at the Dundee Library , 202 East Main Street, Dundee , FL 33838 at the town’s administrative complex. Patrons and residents are all welcomed at this community event where light refreshments will be served.


Library Superintendent Julie Feagle, her staff , Library volunteers as well as members from Friends of the Library Dundee, will be on hand to welcome all of the guests to this reopening, alongside many of the town’s dignitaries and council members. We hope to see not just many of the town’s residents , but also patrons and new residents at this event , giving them a chance to see one of the resources available to the community here in the town of Dundee.

This event is being held to formalize the change from a conventional lending Library to a newly formatted E-Library, while still offering the same services and resources as before. We hope that this reorganization will not only be beneficial to our residents and patrons but also in the long-term for the staff , as we look forward to providing the dedicated service which has always been on hand and which our staff has been known for.

So please come and join us on Tuesday evening for this grand reopening , as we look forward to better serving the community, regular patrons and new guests. The Dundee Public Library is here to serve and provide patrons with a unique and friendly service, with a very dedicated, professional and welcoming approach.

Dundee Library Staff & Volunteers (Friends of the Library Dundee)

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