(1)Dundee Library

It’s your library and it’s here for you …..

It’s your library and it’s here for you.

The Dundee Library, is a small community library based in the town of Dundee, Florida and a part of the Polk County Library Cooperative . With a population of just over 3,200 residents, this small library plays a large part in the town’s daily life and provides a list of services beyond the borrowing of books , and DVD’s. Dundee’s Library is run by the ongoing Interim Library Director , Julie Feagle , who is ably assisted, by two part-time employees, Eileen Young and Carmen Limones . Beyond the lending of books to patrons, other services are also provided within, are a fax service , a licensed notary , photocopying and a kids’ story time ran by Mary Ann Podbielski on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM on the days in question, unless otherwise advised.


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Dundee’s community library also provides a safe haven for kids of all ages, and for their well-being, once having returned home from school. With operating hours from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM , Mondays to Friday and then opened on Saturday morning from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM in the afternoon . The library looks to provide an atmosphere, where the town’s residents and visiting patrons can make use of this facility as well getting meet the staff and make use of the other amenities offered . With fifteen computers available on the premises also, patrons can make use of the Wi-Fi system on offer , or should they decided to bring in their very own devices such as a laptop computer , E Book reader or tablet . All of this , comes free of charge, and all that is asked of the patrons, is that they refrain from seeking to surf the internet for objectionable material. Getting linked to the internet (worldwide web) is simple. However , the staff will always be on hand to provide any assistance that might be needed. We also have on hand a person who will provide any technical assistance need to guests and patrons having difficulties with any device, be it a smart-phone , laptop , note-book , Kindle or E-book reader, in guiding them through any technical difficulties, in gaining use of the internet .

The Dundee Library has always sought the input of its patrons, as well as acting in conjunction with the Polk County Library Cooperative and also our Friends of the Library Dundee Inc., a charitable organization made up of volunteers with a committed group of board members, who assist in fund-raising activities in order to provide funding for some of the library’s programs , beyond the budget afforded the library by the town commission . With ongoing fundraising to aid the library’s many needs over the course of the calendar year , book sales , and other activities are used part of that endeavor , including bake sales . Patrons and guests are asked to aid in any way that they can in the process.

Julie Feagle as the Library’s Director, has always sought the input of the guests and patrons and in that endeavor ,she will be introducing a basic computer skills’ class to assist guests and patrons alike, whose wish it is to learn more about the use not only of their media devices , but also how best to enjoy the internet and that of the skill s that the individuals in questions tend to have difficulties with.

As the town continues to grow, hopefully, so too, will the prospects of the library in adding to the town’s way of life and adding possible services. In earnest, we hope to get the full attention of the town, as we seek to provide a better environment and service possible for our guests and patrons. Suggestions, are sought, so please do not hesitate to contact Julie Feagle , Carmen Limones and Eileen Young, with any ideas that you may well have and believe will best suited to the ongoing betterment of the library and its services .



Julie Feagle and her staff, would like to now take this opportunity in thanking and welcoming you to the site and hope that the guests and patrons take the time offer up their thoughts on the library and the facilities available !

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(1) Dundee Library and its facade in Dundee , Florida , in Polk County .

(2) A colorful facade of the Dundee Library located at 202 East Main St , Dundee , FL 33838 .

(3) Interim Library Director Julie Feagle and Dundee Town Manager Ryan Taylor , are seen here outside the town’s annexed facilities after a recent lightning strike that took place late last year at the rear entrance to the library and town hall . The local ABC Tampa television affiliate were on hand to interview both town employees about their first-hand experience of the incident . Both were shaken , but managed to stay composed in terms of their closeness to the proximity to the lightning strike . ==============================================


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Dundee Library, Florida ,

PO Box 1000 , (202 East Main Street) , Dundee, FL, 33838

Tel # 863-439-9424

E-mail : dundeelibraryflorida@gmail.com

Hours of business : Monday to Friday 10:00 to 6:00 PM

Saturday : 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

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  1. Basic computer classes will now be held at the Dundee Library , Dundee , Florida , four times a week , unless otherwise notified . Lessons will begin as Monday afternoon , and then again Wednesday and on Saturday mornings . For the scheduled times , please consult Library Director Julie Feagle at tel # 863 439 9424 .


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